About the club

Clube de Golfe do Levante is a non-profit making association, with head office at the Quinta da Ria Golf Course, established in 2002.

The Club was constituted with a view to protect the sporting and social interests of those who, in a permanent and continuous manner, wish to use the golf courses, Quinta da Ria and Quinta de Cima, in order to play golf.

For this reason it is essential that these golfers should exclusively have determined privileges and rights over other golfers who occasionally use the above mentioned courses.

In order for all this to be possible, the Member’s  office will take care of all the administration and organization of the Club, sending updated information, organizing tournaments, managing Handicaps, and welcoming members and guests.  The Club´s Captain, Lisa Lisboa with the assistant João Pereira , run the Member’s Office. 

The Member’s Office is here to make the experience, of being a member of Clube de Golfe do Levante, enjoyable, fun and exclusive. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of service for our members to ensure they have the maximum pleasure from their membership with us.    

Yours sincerely,
Lisa Lisboa  (The Club Captain)