HCP Competitions & Rules Committee meeting 2nd April

  1. Preferred lies (winter rules). The intention is to withdraw the winter rules from 1 April and allow the Club Office to determine on a day-to-day basis, whether because of adverse weather and its affect on the courses, to play winter rules (preferred lies). If this happens the draw sheet will include the phrase – Winter Rules. So, from now on the default will be summer rules, ie no more lift, clean and place.
  2. Maximum handicap for Club Competitions (except Fun Day). From 1 April 2024, the maximum handicap will be 36, for men and ladies. With the slope it could mean someone has a playing handicap slightly more than 36. Anyone with a playing handicap above 36 can still play in the competition but their handicap for the day will be reduced to 36.
  3. Handicap limit for Fun Day. The idea for the Fun Day is to allow new members to meet existing members, for those with higher handicaps to enjoy some fun competition, normally as part of a pair or a team, and thereby to gain experience and confidence to eventually play in individual competitions. And also for any member to enjoy more relaxed and fun competition. With this is mind the Committee agreed that there should be no handicap limit imposed. However they did agree that new members joining the Club, who had no previous handicap from another Club, and would therefore normally be given the maximum available handicap of 54, must first submit 3 general play cards which will generate an official Federation handicap before they can enter any Club Competition. Thereafter we would encourage them to continue to submit cards to generate a more accurate handicap. In summary- Fun Day – you need to have submitted at least 3 cards in the last 12 months and have a Federation generated handicap. No maximum limit to play in the Fun Day thereafter. For all other Club Competitions, a maximum handicap limit of 36 will apply.
  4. Artificial revetting in bunkers in front of green 7 Ria, front of green 6 Cima and front left green 13 Cima. Although the faces of these bunkers are made with artificial grass, they are integral parts of the course and so no relief is given. If however, a ball is embedded in the face of any bunker, including these 3, because they are not deemed to be part of the bunker and instead are part of the general area, you are in these circumstances entitled to a free drop outside the bunker, not nearer the hole. The steps out of the bunker on Ria hole 7, are an artificial object, so if they interfere with your normal swing or stance, you would be entitled to a free drop within the bunker.
  5. The waste sand areas on holes 1 and 3 Ria were previously deemed waste areas, with no rakes. You could ground your club. If any of the bushes interfere with your stance or swing, you were entitled to a free drop. The Committee believe this was inconsistent with normal rules. However more recently our owners, QDR, have deemed these areas as bunkers and provided rakes. However it is wholly inappropriate to have bushes inside a normal bunker and so we have to consider what is best for our Club’s local rules. The Committee agreed that from now on, these areas will be deemed waste areas, and no relief will be given from the bushes. You play as it is or take relief, with one shot penalty, not nearer the hole.
  6. Knock out competitions. The draws for all our knock out competitions are on the notice board and participants have been emailed the draw and deadline dates for each round. These dates are the final deadline dates and members are encouraged to play the ties as soon as possible. This will make it easier for any further rounds to be completed by the deadline dates. It is each player’s responsibility to get in touch with your opponents as soon as the names are known for each round. If you believe that despite having entered the competition, should you be successful in getting through to subsequent rounds, you are unable to meet any of the deadline dates for future rounds, it is necessary to withdraw now as this is fair to everyone playing. Hopefully next year we will make the draws earlier and therefore give even more time to get each round played.
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