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Monday - Friday

Local Rules & Etiquette


Players should keep the pace of play:
2 hours allowed to play 9 holes
4 hours to play 18 holes

Handicap Certificate is Mandatory: Max 36 Men/36 Ladies

Only players with handicap (0-9) are authorized to play off white tees

Dress code; Collared shirts and socks must be worn.
Blue jeans and t-shirts are not allowed.

Please observe 90-degree Buggy Rule.

All instructions and requests from Starters and Marshalls must be adhered to.

Local Rules

Free relief may be taken from all artificial obstructions except those
defining out-of-bounds or those in all penalty areas.

Areas identified by blue stakes or blue lines are Ground Under Repair
and free relief may be taken from such areas and from individual
staked young trees. If your ball finishes or is lost inside the GUR area
inside a bunker, you may take a free drop inside the bunker within
one club length from the nearest point of relief.

If there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in the penalty areas on
the 13th and the 16th holes, the player may play a provisional ball.

A ball that is embedded in the rough may be lifted, cleaned and
dropped, without penalty, within a scorecard length of it´s original
position, not nearer the hole.

Distance Measuring Devices are permitted


Match play – Loss of hole

Strokeplay – 2 strokes