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Meeting Handicap Rules and Competition Committee

FPG, no changes required under general rules to any handicaps.

Reminder that everyone playing in a competition should put a card in if at all possible.
A golf handicap is important to maintain and the committee encourages cards to be submitted but will not be enforced.
Cards can be submitted electronically or via the members office.
Instructions on how to submit electronically to be written by João and displayed on website.
Instructions regarding winter/ summer rules.
The rules are displayed at the starting box, they will also be displayed on the draw.
If their is nothing on display – No preferred lies Decision on local rules will be made by members office
taking into account course conditions Expert advice on the rules of golf is provided by the members office and always available.
An R@A question and answer app on the rules of golf is available to download and quite easy to use.
A rules quiz was proposed but committee informed that it was tried before and was not supported by members.