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Letter do Summer Ria

Dear Frederico,

Firstly let me offer my best wishes for the new year 2022,
The Club de Levante Board met on Saturday I wanted to provide an update for your information,
We hope that our Members have paid this year’s subscriptions in a timely manner as requested,
from our feedback we expect that you should have had a very good response.
Members have also appreciated the obvious improvements in the condition of the courses.
In particular the efforts to remove the vast ugly areas of rough and the improvements to the greens have been very well received by the Members.

The Board, in common with SR, would like to encourage as many members as possible to utilise the Clubhouse facilities.
We believe the social aspect of the game is a very important ingredient in making our Golf Club a success.
However we fear that the recent substantial increases in food
and drink prices together with a reduction in Member’s discount will lead to a reduction in the use of Clubhouse facilities.
The Board have received a lot of negative feedback from these significant increases.
Could we ask that you closely monitor this situation and, if our fears prove justified, consider the reinstatement of the Members 25% discount.

The Board also believes that changes made to social membership will lead to many of these members leaving.
Many of our original and now older members who play a very limited
number of rounds had opted to become ‘social’ members.
They had very little impact on the use of the courses yet paid a subscription that should have provided SR with useful additional income.

In addition changes to the Buggy price structure and flexibility over
couples sharing has also been raised with us as a major topic of concern.

On a positive note the new offer of various trips and discounts is a new and welcomed
initiative and we hope that members will enjoy partaking in the events as they arise.

The club’s AGM takes place at the end of March and by then we should
have a clearer understanding of what affects the price changes have had.
It would be helpful if any reassessments could be discussed beforehand and if necessary announced prior to, or at the meeting.

The Board fully appreciates that change is inevitable, and can be received both positively and negatively as the foregoing attests.

It would be helpful, and could we suggest that some channel of communication was
created to help both parties pre-handle future proposed changes to best effect.

Kind regards
Henk Vooijs
President Clube de Levante