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Monday - Friday


Ladies’ Ongoing Competition for the year

The first Thursday of each month will be a Stableford competition in two divisions (based on handicap) and the draw will be done within these divisions…
After the game we will rank the players according to their Stableford points in each division (and thus prizes can be awarded for that week).
Furthermore, you will be awarded points in each division according to your position (12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1…..). 12 points for the winner and 1 for everyone who takes part!
These points are banked until the end of the year. 

 The third Thursday of each month will be a Medal for the first division and Stableford for the second.
Again, prizes for winners in each division for that week and points to be banked along with the other points. 

 At the end of the year you will have had 12×2=24 chances to bank points.
Obviously, some people are not here all year or cannot play every week.
So, your best 10 points will be taken and totaled and an order of merit created for all participants across the board to give us our yearly winner (and runners ups) across the whole group.
(NB by playing more you do have more chances to score well!). 

 On the other two Thursdays in the month (team game and match play) we mix handicaps in the draw so that we all get a chance to play with each other. 

 Hopefully this makes sense…if not, all will become apparent as we go along…! 


On the first and third Thursdays as described above there will also be an ongoing birdy count…. gross birdies for the first division and net for the second. 

These will be added up at the end of the year and prizes awarded…. 

 Enjoy competing and have fun!