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Information regarding handicaps

Dear Members,

Many of you are members in several golf clubs, sometimes in different countries.
There are some misconceptions that you as a player can have two different handicaps in two different clubs and or countries.

This is not possible, it is your home club that manages your handicap, it could be Clube de Golfe do Levante or your club in your home country, but you can only have one home club. If you have two different handicaps today the lower of the two is your valid handicap at Clube de Golfe do Levante.
If you decide to use the club in your home country, and this is not in Portugal, as your home club you must present a handicap certificate when you play competitions at Levante.
All results that you produce in Portugal must be sent to your home club by yourself and changes in handicap must be registered an a new certificate must be presented when playing competitions at Levante.

Members of Congu, The Council of National Golf Unions, must reduce their handicaps with 10% when playing in Portugal since most courses in the UK do not have a course rating hence no slope.

As of 2020 there will be one global handicap system and the committee recommend that you learn more by reading www.whs.com on-line.