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Info from the new Captains

Dear Members of Levante Golf Club,

thank you for giving us the privilege to serve as Captains this following year!
We will do our best to fulfil the goals of Levante GC and the members expectations!
But first of all,  we would like to thank Jennifer Bearcroft and Bob Kelly for all the work and
effort they put in to make last year very successful with lots of competitions and fun.
We also like to welcome Gary Craig as Men’s Vice Captain and Jackie Rushgrove as Ladies’ Vice Captain.

Levante GC is unique compared to other clubs around Algarve in that we have a very good club feeling.
And we believe that the reason for this, is that there are many activities arranged by the club
and that the members are very active and participate a lot.
This is something that we would like to continue and build on, during our year of captaincy.

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in one or more competitions arranged by the club each week,
which is a good way to meet and get to know other members.

So, regarding the weekly competitions we will continue with the major official club competitions that have been running last year:

Tuesdays                      Fun Game       Responsible: Ladies’ Vice Captain
Wednesdays               Men’s Day        Responsible: Men’s Vice Captain
Thursdays                    Ladies’ Day     Responsible: Ladies’ Captain
Saturdays                                               Responsible: Men’s Captain

Regarding Saturdays we will introduce two new formats that we hope you will find challenging and fun:
One Saturday a month – we change a Stableford to a mix of Strokeplay and Stableford – played in two groups,
lower hcp players play Strokeplay, and the other group play Stableford.
Exactly where the limit will be between the two groups is to be decided.

The last Saturday every month – we will have competition in teams – could be pairs or teams of four.
Could be Greensome, Foursome, Scramble in pairs or teams, Betterball or else.
There will also be an opportunity to pre order a lighter meal for those who like to stay afterwards for a drink, something to eat and mingle.

The entry fee for Saturdays will continue to be 5 Euros which solely will cover for the prices and expenses for the different competitions.

The goal is that Incomes and Expenses for the competition’s activities should balance over the year.

We were thinking of mention all our competitions here but realized that they are simply to many,
so please look at the Club Calendar – you will find much fun!

Other things that we will work for:

We know that many of you miss the results for the competitions at the calendar,
we will work for getting the publication of the results running again.

We will also try to get the Start Lists published earlier,
but here we need help from all members to keep to the registration rules and make the work for the Members Office easier:

See Levante GC Registration Rules – Levante Golf Club for the rules.

So, with this we are looking forward to seeing you all at the competitions,
at the golf course, at the restaurant, on the driving range or at the other practice areas!!

Don’t hesitate to approach us – we are here for you 😊

                            Ladies’ Captain – Cicki Lindqvist

      Men’s Captain – Jan Andersson

Contacts: captains@levantegolfclub.pt

All contacts regarding assigning to, or cancelling participation in,
competitions should be sent directly to membersoffice@levantegolfclub.pt