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Easter Competition

The Easter competition was held in glorious sunshine and everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge of 3 clubs and a putter.
In fact, Lisa has suggested some members should do it more often as the scores were so good!

We take our captaincy seriously and made sure both our scores were at the lower
end of the results in order to encourage our fellow competitors.

The Winners were …

Enrico and Marie Scala with 51 points.

Thank you to Lisa for all her hours of work painting eggs and putting together the festive Easter baskets for everyone.

The invitation to wear an Easter bonnet (apologies to those who were unsure what a ‘bonnet’ actually was 🤣)
was taken up by a few people. But those that did participate did so in style (see picture) with some going for a whole Easter outfit as well as the bonnet.

Claes was proud to be the only man standing in the parade with the ladies 😊.

To finish this ‘report’ we return to the beginning of the day when Jennifer and Bob belatedly (Jennifer’s brush with Covid delayed the original plan)
managed their ‘Drive In’.
Both hit respectable drives (never guaranteed in Jennifer’s case!) giving a combined total of 323m.

People had guessed between 150m and 450m (?!) but there were 4 winners guessing exactly 323m…..they were:
Jan Heintz and Lena Clausen, Cajsa Oster, Carole Zivy and Tomas Bittner and they shared the prize.

The total sent to UNICEF for the fund supporting people in the Ukraine was €734… thank you everyone for your generosity.

Hope to see you all soon.

Thank you for your support.

Jennifer and Bob