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Club Championship and Captains’ Day

Club Championship Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October

The days leading up to the Club Championship were nervous times as the weather forecast gave great cause for concern.
Prospects improved a bit as the weekend approached but the spectre of thunder and lighting was a distinct possibility,
particularly on the Saturday.  Regrettably, the adventurous spirit of many members seemed to be missing as some 39 cancellations took place before the event took place.
However, as often seems to be the case, Armageddon did not arrive, and the reduced field had two good days of golfing weather.

Congratulations go to all the winners but especially to Hubert Walentynowitz and Liesbeth van den Dool, our new Club Champions.


Club Championship Men:

                                                   Winner Gross – Hubert Walentynowicz 78/82 = 160

                                           Runner-up Gross – Chris Weldon 82/83 = 165

                         Winner Net – Bob Kelly 75/70 = 145

                                Runner-up – Denis Rooney 70/79 = 149

                      Third – Pelle Rutberg 78/72 = 150

                    Saturday Net – Denis Rooney 70

          Sunday Net – Bob Kelly 70

                         Ladies: Winner Gross – Liesbeth van den Dool

                              Runner-up Gross – Pia Johansson

                                            Winner Net – Mary Cheevers 72/76 = 148

                                    Runner-up – Lena Heintz 78/74 = 152

                               Third – Cicki Lindqvist 78/79 = 157

                             Saturday Net – Pia Johansson 70

                          Sunday Net – Yvonne Jones 69


Saturday 29 October

Once again there was some doubt about the weather we might have for the day, but concerns were unfounded and a perfect,
bright day for golf arrived (albeit after an early start for some in the dark!).

A two-tee start was in operation and 100 golfers in 25 flights took part in an am-am format.
This was followed by a lunch on the terrace.  Bruno did a great job of the catering and the barbecue,
as with the rest of three-course meal, was well received.
Musical entertainment was ably provided by Noah, Denis Rooney and Hakan Svenner and was very much enjoyed – many thanks to them.

‘Beat the Pro’ gave everyone a chance to meet our new coach, Mickael Carvalho, and raise money for a very worthy local charity, Ser Igual.
It was well supported and resulted in raising €1000 – many thanks to all who donated so generously.

A successful raffle was held, the proceeds of which went to our great food and beverage staff.
Thanks once more to everyone who contributed.

Prize winner list:

Main event:

First place: (84 points) Tomas Bittner, Kevin Davorn, Claes Ryden and Annie Ryden

Second place: (83 points) Simon Perry, Elmo de Souza, Henk Voois and Loes Voois

Third place: (79 points) Gerard Zivy, Carole Zivy, Benoit Michaud and Veronique Sauvee

Consolation prize (?? points not revealed!) Peter Laverty, Bernadette Laverty, Roy Smith and Lynne Smith

Other prizes:

Longest Drive: Simon Perry (men), Liesbeth van den Dool (women)

Nearest Pin: Eyvind Grouff (men), Lesley Reynolds (women)

Closest in two: Gary Craig (men), Liesbeth van den Dool (women)

Best shot seen on the course: Chris Weldon

Best dressed teams: Gerard Zivy, Carole Zivy, Benoit Michaud and Veronique Sauvee

                              Tomas Bittner, Kevin Davorn, Claes Ryden and Annie Ryden

Special Mention: Gary Craig, Lesley Reynolds, Bram Bearcroft     and Lesley Arrowsmith (The Dawn Raiders!)

                              Extra Special Mention: David Rae and George Rushgrove!

Beat the Pro: Lesley Reynolds, Liesbeth van den Dool, Denis Rooney, Pelle Rutberg,
Frederico Champelimaud, Simon Perry, George Rushgrove, Lena Melinder, Olli Saksi, Luke Coleman.
Special prize in the lucky draw was Federico.

It is interesting to note that those names that featured in the Best Dressed Team
also did rather well in the main event so make a mental note to put some effort in your team’s appearance next year if you want to do well!

We had many valued sponsors to whom we would like to offer our thanks:

Quinta do Lago Golf

Palmares Golf

Pestana Golf

AP Cabanas Hotel

Robinson Hotel

Black Tower Financial Management

O Antonio Restaurante

Noelia Restaurante

O Castelo Restaurante

Many thanks must also go to Quinta da Ria,
all the staff as well our Levante team of course for making the event happen in the way we had hoped!

Jennifer and Bob