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Captains Notice Easter Competition

 Dear all,

Just a bit of information for the Easter competition this Saturday (16th April).

If you haven’t yet signed up there are a few spaces left if you would like to join in.

Bob and I are going to start the competition with our delayed ‘drive in’ so if you would still
like to take part/contribute to the charity for the Ukraine just contact the office
with your guess (length of our combined drives in metres) and leave your money when you are next at the clubhouse.

The competition is a Texas scramble in pairs with only 3 clubs and a putter allowed.
(So for each shot you both hit, choose the best one and then both play from there).
No limit on number of drives. No sharing of clubs but strategic choice advised😊

You will be given a handicap for your pair with how many shots you get (as a pair)
and then using this you can calculate your stableford score for your pair.

Preferred lies on the fairway, 2nd player drops if in the rough or bunker.
No ruling on which of you plays first.

There will also be a prize for the best Easter bonnet/headwear!

Easter goodies are offered after the round and there will also be a limited menu on offer (to avoid long waits) for those who want to eat.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and, for those that are not around, we wish you a Happy Easter.

Jennifer and Bob