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Board November Bulletin

Well what a busy October it’s been!  The courses have been packed with visitors and the Club has held some important competitions.  Having had rather a lot of rain, luckily Championship weekend went ahead without a drop.  Congratulations to the winners:  Hubert Walentynowicz and Liesbeth van den Dool.

Captain’s Day was a great success with huge thanks going to Bob and Jen for all their hard work and planning.

Following discussions with members and a couple of trials, the Board have decided to make some changes to the Saturday competition fees.  From now on, the fees with be €5 per player and no voucher.  Prizes will be awarded for birdies on par 3s plus the usual category winners.

As winter approaches and the nights are drawing in, there has been an adjustment to members tee times to help make sure everyone can play in daylight.

Morning tee times are:                 07.20h until 08.40h

Afternoon tee times are:              10.50h until 12.50h


Quinta da Ria now uses the World Handicap System, so it is important that all our Club members follow the rules.  You therefore need to nominate your home club and report all results wherever you play.  We thought it might be useful to outline some background and some of the requirements both here and a notice will go up on the members’ board in reception.

The WHS was launched in January 2020 to provide golfers with a unified and more inclusive handicapping system for the first time.  Over a hundred national associations have since successfully transitioned to the system.  Developed by the R&A and USGA in close coordination with existing handicapping authorities, the WHS provides golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability, with handicaps calculated in the same way wherever they are in the world.

1 Purpose and Authorization; Obtaining a Handicap Index


How to Obtain a Handicap Index


Criteria to be Used When Designating a Home Club

Rule 1.4b requires a player who is a member of more than one golf club to designate one golf club as their home club. A player should decide which golf club to designate as their home club based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Proximity to primary residence,
  • Frequency of play, and/or
  • The golf club where they submit most of their acceptable scores.

Should a player’s primary residence change on a regular basis such that different golf clubs satisfy the above criteria at different times of the year, the player should consider changing their home club accordingly. Players must not designate a home club for the purpose of obtaining a Handicap Index that could give them an unfair advantage.



Player Changes Designation of Home Club

When a player changes the designation of their home club for any reason, they must inform all golf clubs of which they are a member and provide the new home club with their scoring record.



Player Who Belongs to Multiple Golf Clubs within Different Jurisdictions Resulting in More Than One Handicap Index

Rule 1.1 states that the purpose of the World Handicap System is, among other things, to give as many golfers as possible the opportunity to obtain and maintain a Handicap Index. Where a player is a member of a golf club located in a different jurisdiction from the location of their home club, the player may be required to hold a separate Handicap Index issued by the Authorized Association responsible for handicapping within the different jurisdiction. While such a requirement is discouraged, in order to ensure the same Handicap Index is issued by both Authorized Associations, it is the player’s responsibility to return all acceptable scores to both their home club and the golf club that is located in the different jurisdiction. Should there ever be a discrepancy between a player’s Handicap Index as issued by different Authorized Associations, the Handicap Index within the jurisdiction where the round is being played should be used. When playing outside of either jurisdiction, the lowest Handicap Index should be used.