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Board Newsletter October

As Autumn creeps up on us, we will all start to feel chillier evenings plus we still have to cope with the more than occasional Sahara dust cloud!  The long term weather forecast for October is for high winds, which should test our golf skills more than we would like.  That said, the forecast is also for the good temperatures to continue until the end of the month.

October and November will be very busy on the courses, so do get your tee times booked as early as you can, so that they are not given away to Robinson or green fee guests.  Last Thursday, the 6th, Joao at reception told me that they had 359 tee times, so it was a little manic at reception first thing in the morning.  All the buggies were pre-booked with some players being disappointed.  The following day was due to be even busier, so you have been warned!!

It seems forever away when we enjoyed the hugely popular President’s Day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.  We have the Club Championships looming on 22/23rd and Captain’s Day on the 29th.

We wouldn’t usually advise players to go to look at the toilets on the course, but as the refurbishment comes to an end, they are well worth a visit.  The one on the 15th of Ria was completed a while back and is really lovely.  I am told at last the one on the 5th on Cima is complete and hopefully by the time this is published, the one on the 14th should be completed too.  It has not been easy for the ladies playing Cima without any toilets, but now hopefully they can stop having to watch the chaps relieving themselves in the bushes!!!  The closure of the toilet on the first on Cima still causes inconvenience, but no news yet on what the plans are to convert it.

The bird scarers on Ria seem to be having some effect, if nothing else they simply move the gulls to another place on the course.  We will see how effect they are.  So far, I have only witnessed one incident when they interfered with a player’s shot.  But Thomas, you shouldn’t have been in that bunker anyway!!!

Many people are confused about the sandy waste areas on Ria 1st and 3rd.  Are they bunkers or waste areas as the rules are very different.  The signs by the bushes seem to suggest bunkers (”free drop in bunker”) but there are rarely any rakes present.  We can confirm, they are sandy waste areas which means you can ground your club.  QdR are going to look again at the signs to avoid confusion.

For those with the one year membership, we would encourage you to discuss your future needs with the Board as there are a few Lifetime titles being relinquished at the end of this year and we would be happy to put buyers and sellers in touch, so that the membership can continue to thrive.

Indeed, this is a good opportunity to introduce our latest new members, all from the UK:  Luke Coleman, Simon Perry, Stuart Reed and Derek Angus.  Please make them welcome and show them the ropes.


The Board