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Board February Bulletin

Where does the time go?  Christmas feels as if it is only just around the corner and yet it’s already February.
The chilly weather clearly isn’t keeping people away for golf and its great to see so many wrapping up and playing.
The courses are in great condition and its good to see so much of the rough areas being cleared.
Not just because it makes the courses look nicer, but it also hopefully means we won’t have so many lost balls!!

Can we introduce and welcome our new members,
the range of nationalities continues to enhance the diversity of members enjoying our great courses.

Timothy Britt- USA
Haakan Gardenfords – Sweden
Anna Grood – Netherlans
Maud Manzen – Sweden
Alain Martinez – France
Simon Mcmanon – Irland
Mark Quinton – UK
Christopher Sorrentino – USA
Fabio Tombesi – Italy

A few lifetime titles have changed hands and we hope more of the annual members will see the benefits of a lifetime title.
Please ask any member of the Board if you want more information or to be put in touch with a member who wants to sell their title.

As many of you will know, the Board has decided to make some changes to the Saturday competition fees.
The fees with be €5 per player and no voucher.  Prizes will be awarded for birdies on par 3s plus the usual category winners.
We are looking at ways to make each competition self-funding, so the prizes will reflect the type of competition and the numbers playing.

Winter tee times for members are working well, thus making sure everyone can play in daylight.

Morning tee times are:                  07.40h until 09.40h
Afternoon tee times are:              12.00h until 13.50h

Quinta da Ria now uses the World Handicap System, so it is important that all our Club members follow the rules.
You therefore need to nominate your home club and report all results wherever you play.
You can read up about the background and the requirements online,
but we will also produce an outline both here and a notice will go up on the members’ board in reception.

Finally, and most importantly, we wish Henk a speedy recovery from his hip surgery.
No doubt he is already demonstrating his dance moves as part of his post-operative physiotherapy and we look forward to seeing him back on the courses when we returns.