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Board Communication to the Members

Welcome to a new more regular information piece from the Board.  Since the AGM we have heard concerns from a number of members who felt the Board was not communicating well and for that we apologise and promise we will try harder.  That said, communication is a two-way street,  so we need to hear from you.  If you want us to look into or discuss an issue of concern or if you have an idea which would benefit the members, please let us know.

The Board are delighted to announce the creation of a dedicated email address which will make contacting the Board simpler for members.  The address is: board@levantegolfclub.pt

The disruption caused by Covid and the change of ownership of Quinta da Ria have been unsettling for most of us.  So now we need to be optimistic and look forward to re-affirming  Club do Levante as a friendly, successful club for all its members.

First, we are delighted with the new addition of Lars to the Board along with the re-appointments of George and Staffan.  Ken steps down, but we have asked if he will continue his work on the Match and Handicap Committee in an enhanced role as Steve Dagger steps away from this post.

The issue of the new annual subscription category which was offered for the first time this year by Quinta da Ria has led to a lot of confusion and consternation by those who chose to change their 15 year title into the annual membership.   In doing so, it means they have lost certain rights and privileges.  The limited duration (15 year) titles are no longer available, but there is still a market for lifetime titles.  Indeed, following the AGM a number of members have already chosen to recommit to Quinta da Ria by purchasing a permanent title.

As with all of these things the laws of supply and demand apply, but it is important for the future success of the Club that it retains the maximum number of members with permanent titles.   Historically Lisa has controlled most of these transactions, however the Board will now take on the role of broker or match-maker to put buyers and sellers in touch with each other in order to secure the change of ownership of the permanent title.  We know of a number of lifetime title holders currently wishing to sell, so we look forward to hearing from anyone wishing to purchase a permanent title.

The changes recommended by our Captains to our weekly competitions have been implemented,  we hope they will be welcomed and well supported by our members.  Bob has been looking into the entry fee and prizes for Saturday’s competition with Lisa and a decision will be made shortly.

Check out the website regularly.  Not just for a competition draw but also for information, it is the easiest way to know what is going on.  Jen has created a Ladies section and João will be doing some maintenance on the site to make it easier to navigate to each section.  Please feel free to contact the Board with your concerns or suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you.