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A message from the Board of Clube de Golfe do Levante.

The Board is acutely aware that our members have several questions around the recent takeover by Summer Ria (SR).
There are a number of ongoing discussions which we will communicate to members as they develop.
However, it is important to provide an interim update.
It may not answer all the questions members have but as the relationship develops, we will issue further communiques.

It is important to state that SR has undertaken and is honouring all of the existing agreements that QdR had with Levante.
In our discussions with SR so far, they have expressed their wish to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our club,
the Board also believes that this is the best way forward.
It is clear that SR’s primary focus is on maximising the profitability of their investment, principally through maximising green fee revenues.
The Board accepts that healthy finances for SR is also good for Levante.

At present as a legacy of lockdown they have only opened one course at a time.
This enables them to save money on greens staff and is likely to remain in force until
September when the expectation is that more normal golf will start to happen.
As a result, our tee times have been limited to two hours/day,
however we are able to make use of any unused SR times, which are and should be plentiful over the summer.

Discussions between the Levante Board and SR are continuing and have been amicable so far.
It is clear SR are still getting to know the business and discussions so far have
focussed on the fact that Levante are only using about 50% of their tee-times.
It is worth pointing out that when the Levante club was created it was envisaged that there would be a lot more members with titles,
some of the uncertainty around the club for the last number of years has meant that
our membership has not reached that potential and members
have for the most part enjoyed relatively unencumbered golf.
The Board have agreed to have further discussions and come up with some constructive suggestions
which should address this issue to both party’s advantage.
Our next meeting with SR is not likely to happen until July which will enable to Board to analyse our best proposals to SR.
We intend, as much as possible, to keep the membership fully appraised of proposals and developments as they arise.

The Board of lube de Golfe do Levante